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Master’s Program in Digital Media

The two-year inter-university M.Sc./M.A. program Digital Media in Bremen, Germany, is structured around a project that encompasses nearly one third of the students’ workload. Approximately 15 students are accepted for every project. In their application, the prospective students have to choose from the projects offered. For details—in particular the required documents and the web-based application procedure—see the corresponding section of the Digital Media Web site, which currently undergoes updating.

The chosen project defines at which of the four cooperating universities in Bremen (Germany) the students are enrolled. The offered topics are intended to be relatively broad, allowing the students to shape the actual content according to their needs and interests.

This is the preliminary description of the project offered at Hochschule Bremen for the students beginning their studies in October 2010. The project will take place during the second and third terms, i.e. summer 2011 and winter 2011/2012. If you have questions or want to discuss your ideas with the advisors (Helmut Eirund and Thorsten Teschke, see here), we are happy to hear from you.

Download the complete project proposal here.


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